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Analytical Technologies Limited:

                   Analytical Technologies Limited exports has grown by 60%. Analytical Technologies becomes the first Co. in the world to offer 3 years warranty. Launch of new Nano LC /Intelligent Series HPLC Systems - A great success with order bookings crossing 900+. We are the only Co. in the world to offer the entire range of Liquid Chromatography products and Services under one roof. We offer, Nano, Micro, Analytical, Semi– Prep, Prep, Process Scale Systems.


The Co. pleased to announce successful launch of following innovative new products and Technologies

 1. Chromatography Solutions :

  • Analytical Technologies, Ultra HPLC 3000 Plus with Quaternary system possesses the advantage of great flexibility, and it can further be automatised by combing our auto sampler. This combination could fulfil the complex requirements from pharmacy, environmental, food safety, petrochemical engineering,agricultural and farming fields.

  • HbA1C 3000- Bio LC Uses Ion Exchange Chromatography In Conjunction with Gradient Elution to Separate Human Hemoglobin Subtypes and Variants from Haemolysed whole Blood. It is useful in diagnosis and monitoring of diseases like Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anaemia , Thalassemia The Separated Hemoglobin Fractions are monitored by means of Absorption of light And The Chromatogram Obtained is Recorded and Stored By Internal Computer.

  • Analytical Technologies Limited industrial centrifugal system and chromatographic apparatuses (CPC ) has been applied to the development of the industrial-scale Analytical CPC equipment. Optimised cell design combined to a high G effect up to 650g lead to cutting edge GMP equipment capable to produce kilograms per day.Combined to complete chromatography skid, CPC is designed for continuous operation.

  • IC-D3160 ion chromatograph is a new modular design of the high stability of ion chromatograph, combining Analytical Technologies Limited independent research and development core technology products and foreign excellent machining process equal to one, not only can be configured conductance detector, combined with powerful chromatography workstation and precision circuit control system, the IC-D3160 ion chromatograph can also configure the UV-Vis detector implementating related to environment, food, chemical, geological, and many other areas of conventional anion and cation, sugar, amino acids, other small molecule organic acids, cyanide, etc.


     2. Spectroscopy Solutions :

  • 2080 plus Spectrophotometer adopt double beam survey optical system, and blazed holograpic gratings. They have outstanding test precision and very competitive prices. 8-inch multi color touch screen cutting-edge user interface, powerful functions and easy operation. Monochromator with high end optics(Czerny-Turner mounting for high energy)

  • Analytical Technologies ,Optical emission spectrometer is designed for industrial analytical laboratories of mechanical engineering, metallurgical and metalworking facilitis. Spectrometer is capable to replace a whole laboratory for indentification of metal and alloy chemistry, having drastic effects on final product quality.

  • Our AAS is productive, reliable and user-friendly. It improved the optical precision, linear range and background correction effection effectively. AAS - 3500 plus are the external computer controlled AAS fitted with 8-lamp positions and automatic gas control.

  • Nano bio DAD, a full-featured and diode array-based spectrophotometer provides flexibility for routine and fast assays. Nano bio DAD and its various accessories including Nano Stick, Multi-Stick and standard cuvette cell holder, meet the needs of laboratory scientist looking for innovation and enhancement in their lifescience research.

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ,the AT-NMR is our highest field MRI available and accommodates 40 and 60 mm coil sizes.The 1 T field improves resolution and sensitivity to fully characterize healthy and diseased states of the major organs. Analytical Technologies Limited’s analyzing and imaging software enable researchers to obtain a larger range of MRI images faster and more reliably.The hardware/software solution is rugged and durable, permitting novice users to acquire images using the most advanced protocols.


     3. Bio-Medical/Clinical Diagnostics Solutions

  • Analytical Technologies HOLMIUM LASER HL 3000 is a high power holmium laser device characterized by great flexibility and efficiency, which is a must in centers of excellence in Endourology. Ideal for both surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and endoscopic treatments for lithotripsy, it is hardly recommended for long-duration procedures requiring high power thanks to its laser source reaching 140 W

  • Bio Pure - Bio Pilot is design for bimolecular purification in lab scale. It can be used for gram sample purification and drug research and development process. it can be combined with analysis system in R&D process to accelerate progress of drug research.

  • Digital Subtraction Angiography ,with the Analytical technologies limited gantry,nothing on the floor or ceiling obstructs your work or limits your mobility-your freedom is nearly absolute. An untethered, laser-guided gantry carries the imaging C-arm. You can move it to the table to image any part of the anatomy, then power it back, out of the way, to precise pre-chosen positions

  • HEMA-3000 Auto Hematology Analyzer uses heliumneon laser for the flow cytometry system. Through calculations of different angles via laser scatters the intrument provides complete analysis including cell size, granularity and complexity.


     4.Bio Technology Solutions :

  • The latest real-time PCR has a better heating/cooling rate, temperature accuracy, uniformity and stability, RT-988 has a huge capacity that up to 96 samples per run. it is the new design with four channels as the default, that makes the instrument covers the main fluorescence detection wavelength ranges.

  • Analytical Technologies ELISA Processor EP 3000 is a 2 microplate fully automated processor able to operate the dispense, incubation, reading, data processing and storage of results. Its user friendly approach for both software and hard ware allows the operatorstart working with the intrument as soon as it is out of the box,no pre-adjustments or calibrations required.

  • The ATL-MR 942S Multimode Micro plate Reader can be equipped with up to 3 JET injectors with variable volumes. Up to two injectors can be installed in measurement position, e.g. for flash luminescence measurements with highest sensitivity. Additionally, two injectors positions are available in pre-position, making the ATL-MR 942S ready to meet the requirements for multiple assays formats.


     5.Material Science Solutions

  • Particle Size Analyser Model-3201 plus(Dry) particle size analyzer is a high performance particle size distribution analyzer. Dry dispersing system adopts Venturi dispersing effect by measures fo shear, inertia, collision, etc, to ensure that the powders are in complete dispersing state when pass through testing zone.

  • ASGW 3000 Polarimeter Need not pre warm when turning on. Measuring specific rotation, optical rotation, sugar degree and concentration automatic repetition measurement for 6 times, and calculation of average value and means square root. Peltier principle to control the temperature measurement of dark-colored sample USB.


     6.General Lab:

  • Analytical Technologies Ultra M Series Water purification system for optionally producing both pure water and ultra pure water without the need for Prepurified feed. it can deliver up to 25 liters per hour of 1-5 s/cm conductivity pure Water or 18.2 M cm ultra pure water direct From a potable water supply.

  • The ATS-3090-C automatic titrator complements our wide range of products dedicated to efficient and accurate laboratory analysis. The ATS-3090-C potentiometric titrator can perform acid/base, redox (ORP), complexometric, precipitation, non-aqueous, argentometric, and ion selective titrations.

  • The Analytical Benchtop range of autoclaves offers convenlence and flexibility, with models that cover a range of sterilizing requirements and different chamber sizes.


    The customers and markets we serve include Pharmaceutical, Life Science , Chemical, Petro Chemicals, Cement, Dyes, Intermediates, Food & Beverages, Hospitals, Pathology Labs, Environmental Science, Polution Control, Forensic Science, Bio Technologies, Universities and Research Institutions.

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