Analytical Technologies Limited exports grown by 60%. Analytical Technologies also successfully renewed for ISO 9008 and obtains quality standards like CE. Analytical Technologies becomes the first Co. in the world to offer 3 years warranty. Launch of new Nano LC /Intelligent Series  HPLC Systems - A great success with order bookings crossing 900+. We is the only Co. in the world to offer the entire range of Liquid Chromatography products and Services under one roof.  We offer, Nano, Micro, Analytical, Semi– Prep, Prep, Process Scale Systems. 

The Co. pleased to announce successful launch of following innovative new products and Technologies :

1. Analytical Technologies, GC 3000 Series with Automatic Flow Control ( AFC )/ Automatic Pressure Control ( APC ).

2. Analytical Technologies, HSCCC ( High Speed Counter Current Chromatography ) /CPC ( Centrifugal Partition Chromatography ) Systems for the most Economical purifications of Natural products like Phyto Chemicals

3. Analytical Technologies,  Bio-Medical  products Models of BioLC and HbA1HPLC, NOVA Series Fully Automated Random Access Bio-Chemistry Analyzers ( NOVA-2020Plus, NOVA-2200Plus), HEMA Series, Fully automated Hematology Analyzers ( Blood Cell Counters) , HEMA 3210 ( same as ERMA pce 210 ), and   HEMA-2062Plus ( Dual Chamber ), Fully Automated Urine Analyzers, Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzers, Fully Automated CLIA( Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay) Analyzers, ELISA Readers/ Washers.

4. Analytical Technologies, Material Science Division launches,  FUSION range of Dual Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometers( AAS) ,  EMMISSION 2 -Optical ( Vacuum ) Emission Spectrometers, 2202 Series FT-IR ( Fourier Transform Infra Red )  Spectrophotometers

5. Analytical Technologies, Bio-Tech division launches RT-PCR ( Real Time PCR ) , Gradient PCR, and Regular PCR for routine applications.

6. Analytical Technologies, DAD ( Diode Array Detector ) / PDA ( Photo Diode Array ) Detectors with 1024 Diodes better optical Resolution , Electrochemical Detectors, ELSD ( Evaporated Light Scattering Detectors ) for IntelligentLC Series HPLC Systems.

7. Analytical Technologies launches, NanoLC, which is equivalent to concept of UPLC of Waters, UFLC of shimadzu. We also supply Column Wash Pump to optimize the utilization of NanoLC / IntelligentLC Series HPLC Systems.

8. Analytical Technologies, True Double Beam Spectrophotometers SPECTRO 2080.

9. Analytical Technologies, Critical Care Products ECG, Patient Monitors, Ultrasound B&W and Color Doppler, Pulse Oximeters, Syringe /Infusion Pumps , Blood Gas Analyzers have been launched successfully.