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Inteligent LC 3000 Series System:

With decades of expertise in HPLC technoloqies, we have pleasure in having our latest Intelligent LC™ 3000 Series Systems with FDA Compliance and built-in serf diagnostic features. Intelligent 3000 Series carries many user friendly features over our former model 2230. We offer complete range of HPLC Systems of various. configurations of the customer's interest. Our range includes isocratic, High Pressure Binary, Ternary, Quarternary, Ana Iytica I, Semi Prep., Prep and Process Scale Systems. Both integrated and modular systems can be supplied with various options of detectors like UV,Uv-Vtsible, flourescent, Refractive index, Conductivity, Electrochemical,Evoperative lioght scattering (ELSD) etc.


Hemoglobin A1c(HbA1C)Hemoglobin veriant are very useful tests in monitoring and diagnostis of diabetic,animia,Sickal Cell, Thalassemia patients, HbA1c is Measurement of the Mean Amount of Blood Glucose Present in the patient Over The Previous 3 months and is Therefore useful as monitoring & Diagnostic Tools.

HbA1C 3000 Analyzer Uses the Established International Reference Method of ion Exchange Chromatography with HPLC Principle. It Uses The Micro Column And Ragents to Separate The HbA1 C From the Non Glycated Fraction. HbA1C 3000 Uses Ion Exchange Chromatography In Conjunction with Gradient Elution to Separate Human Hemoglobin Subtypes and Veriants from Hymolysed whole Blood, The Separated Hemoglobin Fractions are Monitored by means of Absorption of light And The Chromatogram Obtained is Recorded and Stored By Internal Computer. A software program in instrument performs the analysis of the Chromatogram Generates a results.
Performance Characteristics:

Ion Exchange Chromatography with HPLC PrincipalAutomatic Sample Entry on Board Capacity of 50 sample or 120 samples sample Cycle:<=15Os/TEST Good Precision : CV <=2%

Expand Capacity : Transmit Data Via RS232 Print Test Result Automatically Password Protected To Prevent Misuse Sample Cycle : < =15Os/TEST (for HbA1 HPLC)

Wavelength : 415NM (190- 700 for BioLC)
Measuring Range (NGSP VALUES): 4%-17 %, R> =0.99
Precision: CV<=2%
Automatic Mixing,barcode Reading and reagent Lavel Alarm
Power Source: Voltage : 220/240V
Current Frequency: 50-60Hz
Dimensuions: L:W:H = 610MM*500MM*410MM
NetWeight: 28Kg

Optional Items :

Optional feature for HbA1c HPLC System

1 Automatic Mixing
2 Barcode Reading
3 Data Input: Touch Screen
4 Reagent Level Alarm
5 Eliminate Unstable HB and Identify Variant HB
6 Interface to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
7 Automatic Identify The Sample Type: Diluent Mode Or Whole Blood Mode
8 Integral Thermal Printer
9 Autosampler (120 Samples)/Auto Loader (50 Samples)

Intelligent LC 2230 Plus/ nano:
LC State of the art design, centrally controlled by work station nano LC is the latest trend among the liquid chromatographers. Completely automated Systems with quartnery, binary

Automated HPLC with PDA/DAD (Photo Diode Array):
Photo diode array detector with 512 and 1024 diodes configurations are available. Peak purity calculations, spectral library search functions, three dimensional views and contour plots

Preep & Proceess Hplc System & Flash Chrometography

 For Bio pharma & Fine Chemical production Prep&Production HPLC are qidely used for purification of peptides,Natural producs like phyto chemicals, Neem etc.

The AKTAHSCCC System & HSCCC Systems/ CPC (Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph) The AKTAHSCCC System is a compact integration of HSCCC manufactured by us and AKTA Prime manufactured by GE Co., Ltd. — Healthcare. It need not any solid support carrier and has UFHQUE

Ion Chromatograph:
Ion Chromatography is one of the most important methods for the determination of alkaline, alkaline earth and transition metals, inorganics anions, sulfuric compounds of different oxidation levels, organic acids. Indeed, for aqueous solutions Ion Chromatography is one of the most sensitive methods for these substances, since in most cases the samples can be injected into the system Without time consuming

Automated Amino Acid Analyzer:Automated Amino Acid Analysis by NIN Hydrin Method of Post Column derivatisation. HighSensitivityand High resolutionaisachievedfora||AminoAcids.

OptimaGCTM Gas Chromatograph:
We offer you a range ofGas chromatograph systems. OptimaGC3oo0series gas chromatograph isa new generation series with a bigger and Wider display which realizes the consummation, automation, intellectualization, mult: functionalization. GC 3000 is Automatic flow control (AFC) / Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) system. All the parameters are computer controlled by GC work station uses powerful multi cpu system for steady and correct control. ARM9-32 micro chip, 64M memory, can process complicated graphics controlling function intei'face.8 way external eventfunction support multi~Valve SWitch,achieved manydimensions chromatograph system. Fast coolingvviththe help ofauto back doors. In addition to the GC 3000 we also offeryou GC 2979 with fully computer controlled parameters for routine applications.

SPECTRO UV 2060 Plus (Dual Beam):
SPECTRO UV 2060 Plus self-splits into even power of gain of photodiode preamplifier into optimal ranges with mm bandwidtl1.The wavelength range is lgorirn ~ 11oonrn. Built-in calculating programs are always updated and timely new to stay as a pioneer A specialized noise reduction gives our SPECTRO ll UV 2060 Plus maximum stability for voltage and signal processing. Auto blank measuring system using 8 tells auto-roated holder provides more stable data cornparedwith a traditional split beam spectrophotometer. SPECTRO 2o6oUV PLUS has a userfriehdly simple interface thatguidesyou through computations with easy-to-see touch button.

SPECTRO UV 2080 Plus (Double Beam):
320 x 2/,0 bit graphics with LCD display, Each Line shows the 10 sets of data, the total storage 300 sets of data, could performwavelength scanning and Mlultvwavelengthscanning-Special llght source components, replacement of the optical adjustmenttoremove Largesamplechambercanbeplacedaccessories-Automatic power oft function to maintain data Bandwidth can be adlustedtoognm-ltcan doderivatesspectra.

lnfraw IR 2500 Spectrometers lnstrumentusesaunique,high-speed,highresolutionmonochromatictogenerate Datavvith equivatentqualityof FTIR. The advantages of the high-energy optics, the rugged compactness & overall economy of the 2500 IR Spettrophotometerhetpsustomakethe bestIR

lnfram FTIR / FTNIR / NIR Spectroscopy:
NiR - 2800 is controiled by compatible computer and provided with NIR spectrometer operation software. It features easy operation and full function. It adopts crossed Czemy-Turner structure for its monochromator optical system, which has less coma, lower astigmatism and stray light; CCD or PDA array as the detector to fulfiil various measurementtask.

lnfram Fusion Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers 2990:
The Fusion Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 2990 is available in the following configuration: FlameOnly / Graphite Furnace / Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps. The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAW in Software. The Fusion Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 2990 is available in the following configuration: FlameOnly / Graphite Furnace / Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps. The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAW in Software.The main features of the system are; The integration of flame burner and graphite furnace in one compact unit enables automatic - interchanging between the flame mode and furnace mode using few simple keystrokes. - Eight lamp turret for automatic positioning of each hollow cathode lamp. - Automatic fuel gas (C2H2) flow rate adjustment to optimize combustion in element analysis. - Automatic adjustment of burner height for optimized analysis conditions. ~ Automated wavelength scanning and peak searching. - Automatic Reflecting/Transmittance beam-splitter positioning - Automaticswitch overofspectral bandwidth (5 choices). - Automatic PMT and lamp current adjustment, automatic AA and BG energy balance

Optrcal Emssslon Spectrometer:
Optical Emission Spectrometer is based on latest advances in spectroscopy and designed for direct precision and express elemental analysis of any metals and alloys in factory or research laboratories. OES is carried out in the form of table working place and consists of Spectrometer complete with multi CCD optics facility, spark stand, spark source, spectrometer control, readout system, spark analyzing software and any additional software or hardware to improve the efficacy of the instrument. Compatible PC, peripherals & data control systems.. Spectrometer is the analytical device for elemental analysis of laboratory application which principle of action is based on the atomic- emission spectral analysis with a source of spectra excitation - the generator of the unipolar low-voltage spark in argon. Easy-to-use High reliable instrument for express elemental analysis of all kind alloys of Fe, AL, Cu, Co & Sn bases and etc. with 0,00002% accuracy

Spactrofluorometer - 2620:
Designedforboth routineand researchapplicationsthe Spectrofluoro-2620 cornbinesa highlysensitive trorneterwith a range of accessories and application specific software to provide a flexible solution to meet a range of applications. Researchers have the choice of ANALYTICALS unique cross-technique PC-based Windows software Spectra Manage for more demanding experimentation. Routine users will appreciate the simple touch screen LCD display of the iRM (intelligent Remote Module) which Provides an alternative instrument control interface with the ability to display graphics and output reports.

Raman Spectrometer:
The inpire from Analytical Technologies represents the state of the art for an accurate, cost-Effective and easy to use Raman Spectrometer. Our premium instrument features a choice of two diode laser wavelengths. TE cooled back thinned CCD array detector and the Raman filter sampling module. The inpire can handle multiple sensing requirements simply and quickly by changing the stainless steel probe cap. The sample compartment accommodates vials in its own totally dark environment. The inpire meets stringent USP Monograph 1120 requirements for resolution, sensitivity and stability, it comes with RSIQ software that operates the spectrometer and performs YOO with one touch test and Qualification.

Mass Spectrometers - LCMS / LCGCMS / GCMS:
A new concept of Quad Analyser Multimode Mass Spectrometer Systems. 3 Mass spec in one HRGC, HPLC, DIP-MS, Provides following: 3 choice of mass filters to 1000, 1500 and 2000 +amu New and unique mass detector, modularly, rettrofitable , for GC, HPLC, DIP (direct probe) Best Sensitivity and great Resolution

PCR/Gradient PCR:
Combining the world's most sophisticated products and leading technologies, ATL is one of the best in the industry. PCR achieve an optimized energy transfer and rapid ramping rate with advanced peltier technology and precise machine sample blocks otaluminum alloy. Precise multi zone temperature control implements the excellent uniformity. All devices have a built in 2-in-1 Combi - block makes it easierto adopt all kinds oftubes, strips and plates for experiments. It also helps to maximize the potential of the stepless adjustable heated-lid. There is no need to interchange the block, which saves costs and avoids any breakdowns.

PolymeraseChain Reaction(PCR)isanimportanttoolforthedetection ofDNA and Rl\lAwith applications across all Biotechnology / Molecular Biology research, including forensics, gene expression, identification and discovery.   PolymeraseChain Reaction(PCR)isanimportanttoolforthedetection ofDNA and Rl\lAwith applications across all Biotechnology / Molecular Biology research, including forensics, gene expression, identification and discovery. Traditional PCR has relied on Agorose gel-based end point detection oithe reaction, in the plateau phase.This has been time consuming, not very precise and with a degree of sample to samples variability. Real time PCR combines the amplification and detection steps into one single procedure, saving time. Real time PCR measures sample during the Exponential phase of the PCR reaction and produces results while the reaction is in progress. This achieves detection accuracy from very low initial concentrations ofstarting material. RealTime PCR is sufficiently sensitive to detect as low as zefold changes, allowing discrimination in yields that are not possibletoachievewithAgarosegels.

Microplate Reader/Washer:
Spectrum Range: 400~750 mm, Standards Wavelengths: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm Optional Wavelengths : 414nm, 546nm, 578nm, 690nm Microplatez 96-well plate with flat bottom (recommended) Measurement Range: 8-Channel optical fiber system Light: 8V/50W Halogen lamp, Read range: 0.000-4.000A Linearity +-1.0%, Resolution: 0.001Abs, Accuracy: +-1%0r0.01(A)
German diaphragm pump and other imported accessories makes it reliable and excellent. Innovative double-pump design avoids any blocking .Advanced noise-reduction and vibration-deduction technology in the industry Humanized operation program and large memory; presetting different wash modes New anti-leak design eliminates any inner leakage. Plate-or strip-washfor 96-well microplates. Low residual volume, high speed, through clean and greatefficiency

Automated Electrophoresis:
revolutionizes submarine electrophoresis for DNA/RN Aanalysis and purification. Stands for; 1. Best resolution-straight and sharp bands, no "smiling" 2.High through put up to 400 samples per run 3.Unsurpassed reproducibility-automatic control of all electrophoretic parameters 4.One-system-optimal for a wide range of applications 5.Swissquality Horizontal submarine electrophoresis is an indispensable tool and golden standard for a Number of applications such as microsatellite analysis, ISSR, SSCP, RFLP, PCR checking. The ability to fully control all electrophoretic parameters makes the ideal choice for high throughput screening and standardization of protocols.

Nova Basic SA-2021B (Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer):
- Test items: 3 250 - Flow cell: quartz flow cell 32uL
- With both shipping and cuvette system - Lamp: PHILIP 6V 10W -    Measurement range: 0~5Abs- Wavelength precision +- 2nm
- Resolution; 0.001 Abs(display), 0.0001 Abs (calculation)
- Temperature control: Peltier 37°C, 3o°C, 25°C, 101°C
- Repeatability: <1%

Bio Chemistry Analyzer (Nova 2020 Plus):
Throughput: 130 tests /hour, up to 200 tests/hour with ISE (optional)-Wavelength: 11 interference filters: 340mm, 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 670nm, 700nm-Sample tray: 28 sample Positions any position can be aligned at STAT which can be inserted at any time during the routine examination-24 hour non stop cooling in sample/reagent positions (4-15°C) with Peltier element–Reagent Tray: 56 reagent Positions for R1 and R2-On Board Cuvette Washing-Reaction tray: 48 reaction cuvettes, 6mm optical path, plastic cuvettee, semi-permanent-Reaction rotor: 150ml~3ooml-QC rules: Westgard Multi-rule, Cumulative sum check, twin plot, 3 concentration levels QC-QC Mode: Real time, intra day & day QC

Bio Chemistry Analyzer (Nova 2200 Plus, Nova 2300 Plus):
Throughput: 225 tests /hourvvithout ISE module - Light source: Halogen-tungsten lamp, 12V 20W, life span 3 2000 hours - Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm - Absorbance range: 0-6 Abs - On Board Cuvette Washing - Liquid level detection and collision protection - Reagent pre-heating function, inventory checking, Real time monitoring of reagent residual volume and auto alarm - 24 hour non stop cooling in sample/reagent positions (4-15°C)with Peltier elernent

Hematology Analyzer (Hema 3210):
18 parameters, with 3 part WBC differential, 10 uL sampler volume Memory of 30,000 results including histograms, Throughput : 60 samplesihour Automatic and manual calibration, Automatic dilution when power onloff High voltage cleaning after each measurement, QC mode; X-B, L-J curve, SD, CV Temperature 15°C-30°C

Analytical lmager 0.2003T/ MRI /CT SCANNER:
Full scale upgraded FSE-Fast hydro-imaging for crisp display of MRCP and MRU - Relaxation time difference and signal phase difference enable water-fat suppression and separation imaging- Line scan or K space non uniform sampling make high B value diffusion imaging available-Thin slice and small FOV imaging make high resolution display of small organs available–Breath-hold scan eliminates motion artifact for chest and abdomen-Over-sampling provides flexible FOV imaging–Single-shot imaging for ultra-fast examination-Dynamic analysiss can for kinematic imaging -MRA for clinical applications–Repeat time optimization improves sampling efficiency- Echo sharing reduces can time

Urine Analyzer (U R1 UA-2800):
Test ltems: Urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketone, blood, protein, nitrite, leukocytes, glucose, pH, VC and specific gravity TestWavelengtl1: 525mm, 572nm, 610nm, 660mm TestThrougl1put: 240 samples / hour Samples Input / Output: 110 samples with 11 tracks Data Memory: 10,000 sample results, 5000 emergency treatment results, 1000 quality control results

Electrolyte Analyzer:
Compact, economical and easy - to- use , Excellent precision and reliability, Long life, high performance, maintenance - free electrodes, Automatic sampling, washing and calibration Touch screen, large LCD display, Internal thermal recorder

Electrolyte & Blood Gas Analyzer:
BG 2100 is an innovative ISE Electrolyte and Blood GasAna|yzercomplementlng our existing ISE NG.The analyzer measures K+, Na+, Cl+, Ca++, pH, PCO2 and PO2 in whole blood, serum and plasma. The analyzer has a compact design, is easy to operate, economical and is virtually maintenance free. The aspirate probe has a self-cleansing mechanism affording enhanced operator safety, low carry-over and cross-contamination . 240 *128 dots LCD Display ' Soft, Keypad -200 pL Sample Volume -Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma - 65 Samples / hour Throughput Built-in Thermal Printer

Sperm Analysis imaging System:
Sperm Analysis Imaging System known as CASA (Computer Aided Sperm Analyzer) analyzes all kinds of Sperms including human, boar, bull, rat and dog etc. The special functions of SAIS are motility and morphology Sperm Concentration and Motility
1. User friendly menu based on windows application program (easy to use)
2. Real time evaluation of live sperm cells by a high resolution CMOS camera
3. Counted numbers of cells and fields determined by users
4. Simultaneous display of live image and analyzed data on the monitor
5. Estimation of each sperm's moving pattern and velocity
6. Various analyzed data 7. Save and replay of sperm cells-live image
8. Fast analysis speed (2 sec/400 cells)
9. Veterinary application (opti0n)

Coagulation Analyzer (COA 2202):
Test Method: double magnetic route, Sample consumption: <=2oouL
Reagent consumption: 5ouL~20ouL, Temperature: 37°C+- 0.5°C
Adding sample: by a timing linkage, Precision: +-10%; CV<=10%
Speed: £300s (depend on setting), Channel: 4/z/1
Sample warming up position: 16/8/8, Reagent warming up position: 6/6/6

Chemiluminescence Analyzer:
Test Speed: 120 test hour
Reagent Position: 24, simultaneously lays aside 24 kind of reagents
Reagent position refrigeration function: available
One time loading volume of tube: 180; Continuous loading: available
Reagent bar code: available; Reagent remainder warning: available
Automatic dilution: available

By using patented polycapillary optics this diffractometer obviates the need for monocnro-mators and Collimators for linear PYOJECHOH of X-Rays. Available as easy-to-use transportable desktop unit, XRD-300 offers versatile design that integrates convenient handling of powder samples as well as large uneven and odd shaped samples into a compact desktop unit. A cost effective analytical X-Ray tool for researchers, technologists, material scientists and quality control laboratories.

Paricle Size Aanlyzer:
Various configurations can be supplied for different applications. SIZER 2093 is upgrade model of SIZER Addition to all features of SIZER 2090,it has many automatic features including light path self-alignment , Automatic sample Feeding, automatic water supply and drainage, ultrasonic timer and water flow rate controller, etc. Functional software make it User friendly imported semi-conductor laser provides larger power, longer service life as Well as better mono chromaticity; Specially designed large-sized high-sensitivity photoelectric detector is manufactured by technique of large scale integrated Circuit; sample feeding mode includes small sample cell and flow cell; full Mie theory is applied and data is processed by several Distribution models; integrated circuit with highly precise data transmission and processing improves accuracy, repeatability And test speed.

Flame Photometer:
MICROPROCESSOR FLAMICROPROCESSOR FLAME PHOTOMETER is an ideal instrument for the determination of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Lithium. It uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. Lt has soft touch membrane keys for ease of operation. The solution is aspirated through an atomizer. Air, sample and the fuel are mixed in the mixing chamber which is then sprayed as a very fine mist into the flame. The color of the flame is changed depending upon the concentration of elements present. A radiation from the flame passes through the sensing system and specific Narrow band interference filter which permits only the characteristic radiation to pass to the photo detector. The output of the Photo clerestory is then processed by the microcontroller and the final results are displayed on the digital display. The 5 point Calibration facility and non-linearly correction is provided through an automatic curve fitting software. Facility has been provided for Re-standardization with a single standard, thereby, eliminating the need of multiple standards once a calibration has been performed.

Product introduction: DSC is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, lt is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature, melting point, cold crystallization ,crystallization, phase transition ,oxidation induction time(O|T). Main Features: 1. New designed oven structure ensures high resolution‚ and good stability of base line; 2. Digital airflow meter may Control the air flow rate accurately; the test data can be recorded into the database directly; 3.The instrument is bilateral control, may be controlled by both main frame and software. User-friendly interface, easy operation. Product introduction: W-TGA micro thermo gravimetric analyzer is mostly used in the field of polymer materials, pharmaceutical, food, organic chemistry, etc. it is a powerful tool for the study of the PCB decomposition temperatures, with 0.1 ug ultra –high weighing resolution.

Focus FFF Technologies (for characterization of Nano particles and Macro Molecules:
Focus (FFF (field Flow Fractionation) technologies and Systems for Nano particles and Macro Molecular Characterization, Particle Size Distribution Analysis and absolute Molar Mass Determination.

Polarimeter is Widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for quality control. Approximately 60 Types of chemical materials for measuring Angle of Rotation in the list 0f Pharmacopeia. Including ascorbic acid, testosterone and cocaine. Many optically active materials used in food additives, flavoring and perfumes, the polar metric analysis is Widely applied. international sugar scale is used for sugar measurement and polarimeter is essential instruments for this procedure. Polarimeter is widely used for educational purposes in the field of Physics and Applied science course for understanding polarized light, optical rotation, optical active substances and optical activity.

Water Purification System:
Water purification system for optionally producing both pure water and ultra pure water without the need for Prepurified feed. it can deliver up to 25 liters per hour0f 1-5 s/cm conductivity pure Water or 18.2 M cm ultra pure water direct From a potable water supply. This makes Tauto RUN a cost-effective choice with flexility for laboratory applications. Applications: General Chemistry, HPLC/GC/GC-MS/LC-MS, Laboratory washing machines including final rines, Buffer Preparation & Water culture.

lce Holding Capacity : 3 Kg / 5kg Compressor : 0.75 Hp Minimum Temp. : -55 Deg C Chamber Dimension : 175mm * 130mm -Overall Dimension : 450 * 500 * 400 Digital display of Temperature Digital Display of vacuurn (Optional) 8 port flask manifold including 8 *3/4 quick seal valve I Cold trap lid made of S.S. with hose for solvent recovery vacuum pump protection. S.S. Drying chamber, 240mm internal diameter * 300mm high for freeze drying with petri dish, test tubes, ampoules . vacuum Pump, Double stage direct drive/belt drive, ultimate pressure: 6.65 * 10 -3 m bar approx, pump-Power Supply:220 VA.C. 50Hz. Accessories : Vacuum nose, clamps etc. speed 150L/min (Optional) .

Polarimeter is Widely used in Polarimeter is Widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for quality control. Approximately 60 Types of chemical materials for measuring Angle of Rotation in the list 0f Pharmacopeia. Including ascorbic acid, testosterone and cocaine. Many optically active materials used in food additives, flavoring and perfumes, the polar metric analysis is Widely applied. international sugar scale is used for sugar measurement and polarimeter is essential instruments for this procedure. Polarimeter is widely used for educational purposes in the field of Physics and Applied science course for understanding polarized light, optical rotation, optical active substances and optical activity.

Oxygen Analyzer/Online Gas Analyzer:
Based on our own proprietary Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (DLAS)technology, LGA-2000 Laser Gas Analyzer is capable of continuous on-the-spot gas concentration measurement and monitoring. It Demonstrates the characteristics of in situ detection in lieu of sampling, high measurement precision, short Response time, easy installation and maintenance, and etc. Application fields: Metallurgy, Petrochemical industry, biochemical pharmaceutics, environmental protection and Waste management, aeronautics and astronautics and other situations where gas analysis are needed

Digital Refractometer:
-Full automatic measuring, avoid personal error. - LCD touch screen. - The material of Instrument connection is hard glass, wear Resistant - Have the function of temperature display, automatic correction and saving the date. - RS232 interface.

- Measuring range Refractive index n, : 1 3000-1.7000 - Brix (BX-TC) : 0-95% - Brix (BX) : 0-95% - Measuring accuracy Refractive index n : +- 0.0002 -Dissolved solids Brix. +- 0.1% - Measuring resolution Refractive index n: +-0.0001 - Dissolved solids Brix. +- 0.1% Weight (Gross) : 2kg - Overall dimensions . 329mm*214mm*150mm

- Visual measurement of color matching to determine material color - Design in conformity with internationally accepted color scale of Lovibond - Simple structure and easy to operate Specifications:
- Measurement range: R ed . R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond / Yellow . R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond / Blue R0.1-R49.9 Lovibond / Neutral : 0.13.9 Lovibond - Minimum Reading: 0.1 Lovidond - Weight (Gross): 11kg 0 Overall dimensions: 620mm * 440mm * 300mm

Electronic Analytical Balance:
Electronic Analytical Balance is the most advanced electronic balance. Accuracy, stability, multi-function and automation of performance satisfy the requirements of all quality analysis in laboratories.The balance employs high performance single-chip MCS-51 as the microprocessor control and is provided with standard signal output interface for directly connecting with printers, computers and other equipment. Functions: - Taring - Accumulating - Fault alarm - Hanging Weighing - Auto-calibration - Range transfer – Adjustable Integrated time – Adjustable sensitivity –Unit selection (g.Cart.oz) –Counting – Print –RS 232c, Output Interface

Digi Visco:
Digital viscometer has the advantage of high accuracy, stable digital display, easy to operate and good anti interference. it is widely used in the measurement of viscosity of various kinds of fluid such as grease, paints, food, medicine, adhesive and cosmetics, etc. it can also be used to determine the viscosity resistance and absolute viscosity of the liquids.