Column Washing Pump : HPLC Column Washing Pump for optimizing the utilization and minimizing the cost of operations of HPLC Systems            

and Pumps for Isocratic, Binary Applications in HPLC Systems and also Syringe Pumps                    

Gradient Mixers ( Dynamic and Static )             Pulse Dampers   

AnalChrom 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Compliant/ Universal Control Chromatography WorkStation Software for HPLC , Capillary Electrophoresis, Elemental Analyzers and GCs

Clarity- 21 CFR / FDA Compliant Chromatography Work Stations for  HPLC and GC Systems. Provides Software Control features for any make of HPLC and GC 

HyperChrom Columns are performance Columns manufactured by Analytical Technologies Limited 

Pre- Installation requirements for all Analytical instruments like HPLC, GC, FTIR, etc,. 

v     For HPLC: HPLC Column Oven for Normal,GPC& below ambient temperature. Analysis Chromatography Integrators&Data station, Solvent Filtration Kit ,Sample Filtration Kit, Nylon Membrane Filters, Ultrasonic Bath(Sonicator),Vacuum Pump.

v     For GC:  Gas purification, Control & Handling System, Gas Distribution Panel.

v     For IR/FTIR,UV/VIS  Spectrophotometer: Hydraulic Press,KBR Die Set & Pallet Holder Mull/Liquid & Gas cells & Liquid Windows Agate, Mortar & Pestle, Vibration Mill 


For HPLC : PEEK Nuts, SS Male, Nuts, Ferrules, D2Lamps, Columns, Lens, Mirrors Plunger, Plunger Seal,Check Valve in/out, O-Ring, Line Filter- for All HPLC Makes.

For Rheodyne Injector: Rotor Seal, Stator face Assy Loops,Syringes,Bearings.

For GC: Columns, Ferrules, Nuts.