HPLC & Consumables

We offer all the Consumables / Reagents/ Quality Control Standards / Calibration Sandards/ Validation Standards,.required for running the Analyzers like HPLC, SPECTROPHOTOMETER, FTIR, HEMATOLOGY ANALYZER, BIO-CHEMISTRY ANALYZER ( Clinical Chemistry Analyzers). We also manufacture reagents for Hematology and BioChemistry, Urine Analysis.

Also, we offer Spares and Consumables for any make of Analyzers , especially HPLC Systems :
               HPLC Consumables like Check Valves, Plunger( Piston ) , Plunger Seals, Line Filters, Suction Filters, vRotor Seals Pulse Damper, Mixer, ,Solvent, vAutosampler vials, vHPLC Columns

  • Crush proof cartridge makes routine maintenance quick and easy
  • Pistons are engineered to insure a high quality surface finish
  • Seals are designed for long life, wide range of solvent compatibility, and optimum performance
  • Self Priming Check Valves

Source Lamps :
               Source Lamps for all Analytical Instruments such as D2, Halogen, Xenon. Tungsten, Mercury vapors, Hallow Cathod Lampsetc,.

Chromatography Columns :
               Apart from supplying our own Columns, we also stock leading brands like Zorbax, Symmetry, Grom, Vydak, Kromasil, Hypersil, Analytical, Flexit , Brava, Nucleosil, Inertsil, Grace etc,.

  • Microbore, Analytical and Preparative –HPLC Columns and guard columns.
  • GPC Columns, CombiChem and Amino Acid.
  • BULK METERIALS for Columns and Frits and Hardware for Columns.
  • GROM speciality columns for fast analysis, fastEnvironmental.
  • GROM speciality columns or reagent kits, taylor made and customized
Grom, Vydak, Kromasil, Hypersil, Analytical, Flexit, Brava, Nucleosil, Inertsil, Grace etc,. Also Bulk meterials, Media for Columns packing.

Miscellaneous Consumables :
               PEEK Nuts, SS Nuts, Ferrules, SS Tubings, Solvent Reservoir filters Septas,